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Physical Benefits
Strengthens eye-hand coordination & fine motor skills
Emotional Benefits
Relaxation and stress release
Creative outlet and expression of feelings
Sense of accomplishment
Part of a balanced life
Playing the piano is fun!
Social Benefits
Sharing music with others is a great social activity
Listening skills improve
Mental Benefits
Enhances abstract reasoning skills and stimulates the mind
Teaches dedication, discipline and time management
Improves test scores
Enlarges parts of the brain responsible for planning and foresight, and coordination
Spiritual Benefits
Playing the piano is uplifting
Teaches an appreciation of beauty and form


Peggy Hervas, Wynnewood
I have been driving my daughter 50 minutes each way, every week for almost two years for several reasons. One, Cheryl is a great teacher who has made piano fun for my 12yr. old. Two, the program really works. My daughter is playing songs she enjoys and her friends taking piano elsewhere have told her they wish they could switch. Three, we enjoy hearing her play! I feel very lucky to have found Cheryl and the Simply Music Program!
Jennifer Lutton, Langhorne
I'm so glad Devyn decided to be in the recital. I had originally thought she hadn't been playing long enough. Thanks for giving her the opportunity.
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